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Display picklist field as a type ahead text field in Forms


For a picklist Salesforce Element that you include on a Form, you can elect to replace the standard picklist field type with a type ahead text field. Rather than rendering the field as a picklist with visible options displayed in a drop down list that opens when clicked on by the visitor, the type ahead version appear as a text field and then offers options that match what the visitor begins to type:


The type ahead option is most helpful when a picklist has many values and they are commonly known.

To set a picklist Salesforce Element to appear as a type ahead text field:

  1. Open the Forms page containing the picklist Salesforce Element you wish to update
  2. Click the Form tab
  3. Click the edit button of the picklist Salesforce Element
  4. For Type Ahead, choose Yes
  5. Click Save for the modal popup
  6. Click Save
NOTE: If you choose to enable the type ahead option, no empty option text will appear.
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