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Handy enhancements for submitting and editing data in Salesforce from Soapbox


In the two most recent releases of Soapbox, we've given more control over the presentation and behavior of forms submitting to Salesforce across three of our apps.

Forms app

Conditionally require fields and image uploads based on a controlling checkbox field value

Soapbox is commonly used by organizations who have web users logging to create an application of some kind, edit it over one or more sessions, and submit the application when all is complete. This new functionality allows organizations to set certain fields or image upload elements as not required when the logged in user initially creates or subsequently edits an application - but enforces them as required when the logged in user marks their application as ready for final submission.

Require a checkbox to be ticked off for a Form to be submitted

Do you have terms of service or an agreement you need visitors to accept as part of a Form submission process? This one is for you! You can now include that as a checkbox field that must be ticked off before a Form can be submitted successfully.

Customize the empty option for a picklist

Administrators can now customize the text of an empty picklist field that appears to visitors completing a Form directly in Soapbox.

Define the file name of an image uploaded through the Forms app by logged in users

This is crazy specific - and crazy cool. In Forms, you can allow visitors to upload an image file or files that save to Soapbox with the file location and name saved to Salesforce. The file name is randomly generated by Soapbox to ensure it isn't accidentally overwritten by some other visitor's upload. Now, for Forms submitted by logged in web users, an administrator can define an image file name to include values from any field on the logged in user's Contact or Account record along with additional characters. This allows for an incredible amount of control by the administrator and consistent, dependable file names for easier management of those files.

Display picklists as type ahead text fields

For a picklist Salesforce Element that you include on a Form, you can now elect to replace the standard picklist field type with a type ahead text field. Rather than rendering the field as a picklist with visible options displayed in a drop down list that opens when clicked on by the visitor, the type ahead version appear as a text field and then offers options that match what the visitor begins to type:


Donations app

Ditto on the type ahead feature for custom picklist Salesforce fields included on a Donation form.

Events app

Ditto on the type head feature for custom picklist Salesforce fields included on the Attendee Information form for an Event.

For more details on how to use these new features, check out these articles in the Soapbox Support Center:

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