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Why does a web browser show "Not Secure" in the address bar when visiting a Soapbox Engage page?



When a user views a Soapbox Engage page, in certain circumstances the user might see the following in their web browser's address bar.

Not secure.

Here’s some potential causes and solutions for solving this problem.


Possible causes and solutions

1. The page address (URL) is using the incorrect standard domain

It is possible that the visitor loaded the page using a standard domain in the wrong format.  Confirm that the user is using the correct standard domain for loading the page.


  1. Confirm that the beginning of the URL is in the format "https://<<subdomain>>", where "<<subdomain>>" is the Soapbox Engage account's unique subdomain.  Often, "secure" is missing from the URL.


  1. Have the user use the correctly formatted standard domain to view pages.


Additional help

If this article didn't help solve the problem, please create a new support ticket, and include the following details:

  1. Overview of the problem
  2. URL of the page in question
  3. Custom domain for the Soapbox Engage account (if one exists)
  4. Screenshot (including the address bar) or video showing the problem


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