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Optional Add On: Setting up a custom SSL subdomain for your Soapbox Engage account


By default, the URL for your Soapbox Engage account will use the following base URLs for non-secure and secure traffic:

  • Non-secure: http://{myprefix}.nonprofitsoapbox.com
  • Secure: https://{myprefix}.secure.nonprofitsoapbox.com

If you've opted for a custom SSL URL, you can select an alternate domain to be used. Often, organizations elect to create a new subdomain for their primary domain to use for Soapbox Engage pages. A subdomain is the portion of the URL that replaces the "www". Common examples include:

  • https://getinvolved.mydomain.org
  • https://donate.mydomain.org
  • https://members.mydomain.org
  • https://act.mydomain.org
  • https://support.mydomain.org

To setup a custom SSL subdomain, follow these steps:

1) Open a ticket letting us know you're ready to create your custom SSL subdomain and let us know the full URL you'd like to use for your Soapbox Engage account

2) Create the subdomain with your domain host

You'll need to login to your domain host and update the DNS records for your organization's domain. This can be done through two separate methods.

Recommended approach, if your domain registrar allows for forwarding your root domain:

  • Login to your domain registrar
  • Delete the current A records for the domain name pointing to your old site
  • Create a CNAME record for ‘enroll’ pointing to lb-picnet-sbx2.directrouter.com
  • Choose the shortest Time To Live (TTL) option available from your domain name host – usually ½ hour
  • Save the changes

Alternate approach, if your domain registrar doesn’t allow for forwarding your subdomain:

  • Login to your domain registrar
  • Create an “enroll” A record for your domain name to point to the new IP address of
  • Choose the shortest Time to live (TTL) option available from your domain name host – usually ½ hour
  • Save the changes

3) Inform us when the subdomain has been created

Once the subdomain has been created, we'll setup things on our end to receive both non-secure and secure SSL traffic from that new subdomain and direct it properly to your Soapbox Engage account. Please note that this process takes 24 - 48 hours once we are informed that your subdomain has been setup to point to our servers.

4) Use your custom subdomain to navigate to your site

Once you receive word from us that things have been setup on our end, you can stop using the http://{myprefix}.nonprofitsoapbox.com URL to navigate to the front-end and administrator views of your site and being using the custom domain.

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