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Managing global settings for the display of events across Soapbox


With the latest release of Soapbox, we've added a massive number of options for managing global default settings that alter the display of elements on the event detail and registration views.

What does this allow me to do?

This release allows you to set a number of new global defaults for events to customize a host of headings, labels, and other elements. This is ideal for anyone finding themselves making common language or settings changes across all or many of their events.

How is this different than before?

Previous to this release, customizations were made for these new parameters on an individual event level. Any consistent change you wished to make across all of events needed to be applied manually to every event created.

Can you give me an example?

Sure! Let's say that instead of using the word "Tickets" to define registration options, you wanted to use the word "Enrollments" for nearly all your hundreds of events. You could do that before by editing the Ticket Type Column Heading from "Ticket Type" to "Enrollment Type" for all events individually. Now you can make that change to set "Enrollment Type" as the global default so it is applied to all events you create while still having the option to set it as "Ticket Type" for that one big gala you throw each year.

Will this affect my current site immediately?

You should see no change to the display of any current events on your site with this release. Existing events will continue to use their individual parameter settings. In addition, the initial global settings in Events > Config for the new parameters match the default settings that were applied to a new event created prior to this release. This means that any new event you create will have the same settings applied by default as would be the case prior to this release, until and unless you change the Events > Config.

If you alter the parameters in Events > Config, these changes will apply to new events. Existing events will retain their individual parameter settings and not change. The only exception to this is for an event created more than a year ago that has not been edited within the last year. In this case, changes you make to the Events > Config settings will be applied to that event.

If you wish to change an existing event to use a global parameter, you can alter that event to do so by following the instructions linked to below.

How can I learn more?

Check out our knowledge base articles here for a host of details:

Happy Soapboxing!

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