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Soapbox 2.10.329 Release Notes - Released 12/11/2018


Release date: 12/11/2018
Soapbox 2.10.329 included the following features and fixes:

Events app

  • Resolved issue with the display of the ticket price in the ticket modal popup on the Reservation Manager in the administrator
  • Resolved issue with the display of the dates for a repeating event registration in the new Reservation Manager
  • Resolved issue with a reservation paid for via PayPal Standard not being updated as Paid in the Reservation Manager in Soapbox after the visitor completed payment off-site
  • Resolved issue with the order of classes in the Search Classes view when sorted by Start Date by the visitor
  • Resolved issue with a discrepancy between the search settings for Days of the Week displayed in the Search Classes view and the results shown if a visitor clicks the Detail button to view and class and then returns to the search view by clicking the back button in the browser
  • Resolved an issue with the Form of Payment saving improperly to Salesforce for event shopping cart orders in some cases
  • Added specific CSS class to the weeks portion of the When section on a classes detail view for ease of styling

Forms app

  • Resolved issue with a Form being allowed to submit when a visitor has selected to upload a file via an Add Image element that is not of a permitted file type
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