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Find exactly the transactions you're looking for quickly and easily in the Donations app


With a Happy New Year comes a happy new Soapbox update! We added powerful and easy search tools to the Donations app Transactions view so you can find exactly the donations you're after.

Want to search for a particular donor's name or email address? Simply type a text string into the "Search by Name or Email" field, click return or tab/mouse out, and the table will update dynamically.

Want to sort the results by something other than date? Click a column heading or select an option from the Sort By drop down field.

Need to filter based on something more than name or email? Click the filter icon to expand a pane that contains eight different fields:

  • Created Date: Search All Transactions, Today's Transactions, This Month's Transactions or enter in a specific date range to zero in on exactly the time frame in which you're interested
  • Payment Amount: Search for transactions of an exact amount, up to a maximum, above a minimum, or between two values 
  • Transaction Id: Search for a specific Transaction Id or for all transactions without a Transaction Id
  • Subscription Id: Search for a specific Subscription Id or for all transactions without a Subscription Id
  • Donation Form: Search for transactions processed through a specific form. Just start typing the name of the form and Soapbox will help you auto-complete the name you're after.
  • Transaction Description: Enter a text string to find a transaction description you're seeking
  • Salesforce Lead Record Id: Search for a specific Salesforce Lead Record Id or for all transactions without a Salesforce Lead Record Id
  • Id: Search for a specific Soapbox Id

Search on just one field or get more refined and search across a combination of fields. Once you've updated your search parameters, click Save to close the pane and update the results.

Want to revert the filter pane values back to the default settings? Click Clear All at the bottom of the pane and then Save to return to the default results.

This release is the first in a series that will dramatically expand the information available to you in the Donations app Transactions view. Look forward to other updates in the coming weeks.

Happy filtering - and happy Soapboxing!


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