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Soapbox 2.10.337 Release Notes - Released 1/10/2019


Release date: 1/10/2019
Soapbox 2.10.337 included the following features and fixes:

Donations app

  • Implemented Salesforce Lightning Design System-inspired elements for the UI/UX of the Donations > Transactions basic search field and filter pane
  • Updated the basic search field behavior to automatically update search results based on matching name or email when the user clicks return or mouses out
  • Added the ability to sort the Donations > Transactions view by selecting a value in the Sort By drop down
  • Added the ability to search by the following parameters in an expandable filter pane on Donations > Transactions:
    • Created Date: Search All Transactions, Today's Transactions, This Month's Transactions or enter in a specific date range to zero in on exactly the time frame in which you're interested
    • Payment Amount: Search for transactions of an exact amount, up to a maximum, above a minimum, or between two values 
    • Transaction Id: Search for a specific Transaction Id or for all transactions without a Transaction Id
    • Subscription Id: Search for a specific Subscription Id or for all transactions without a Subscription Id
    • Donation Form: Search for transactions processed through a specific form. Just start typing the name of the form and Soapbox will help you auto-complete the name you're after.
    • Transaction Description: Enter a text string to find a transaction description you're seeking
    • Salesforce Lead Record Id: Search for a specific Salesforce Lead Record Id or for all transactions without a Salesforce Lead Record Id
    • Id: Search for a specific Soapbox Id
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