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Pointing a custom subdomain to your Soapbox Engage account


If your organization is using the Soapbox Engage custom domain add-on, you can have your own domain point to your Soapbox Engage account.  For instance, if your domain is, and your website address is, you may, for example point a domain like to your Soapbox Engage account.

To do this, you'll need to update the DNS zone at your domain host to point your subdomain successfully to Soapbox Engage.  Here's how.

  • Login to your domain host (this may be your domain registrar, or it may be your website host)
  • Create a CNAME record for your subdomain - in the example above it would be "engage" - and have it point to
  • Choose the shortest Time To Live (TTL) option available from your domain name host - usually ½ hour
  • Save the changes

If you're having problems executing the above steps, your domain name host should be able to help you.  This is a very common thing for them, and something their users frequently ask for help with - so they should be very familiar with your request.

Once the above is completed, open a ticket with Soapbox Support, as there are a couple of final adjustments we need to make on our servers to make sure your new subdomain gets pointed specifically to your site.

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