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Configure the Soapbox Donations for Salesforce package


The following should be done manually after installing the Soapbox Donations for Salesforce managed package and Soapbox Donations QuickStart for Salesforce unmanaged package:

1. Map the following custom lead fields to their pair in Opportunities

In Salesforce Lightning, mapping can be found by going to Setup > Object Manager > Lead, clicking Fields & Relationships in the left column, and clicking the Map Lead Fields in the upper right.

In Salesforce Classic, mapping can be found in Setup > Customize > Leads > Fields > Lead Custom Fields & Relationships > Map Lead Fields (button).

  • Anonymous Donation --> Opportunity.Anonymous Donation
  • Credit Card Expiration Month --> Opportunity.Credit Card Expiration Month
  • Credit Card Expiration Year --> Opportunity.Credit Card Expiration Year
  • Credit Card Last Four Digits --> Opportunity.Credit Card Last Four Digits
  • Donation Custom Field Text 1 --> Opportunity.Donation Custom Field Text 1
  • Donation Custom Field Text 2 --> Opportunity.Donation Custom Field Text 2
  • Donation Custom Field Text 3 --> Opportunity.Donation Custom Field Text 3
  • Donation Custom Field Text 4 --> Opportunity.Donation Custom Field Text 4
  • Donation Lead Convert Record Type -> Opportunity.Donation Lead Convert Record Type
  • Donation Payment Amount --> Opportunity.Donation Payment Amount
  • Donation Transaction Frequency --> Opportunity.Donation Transaction Frequency
  • Form of Payment --> Opportunity.Form of Payment
  • IP Address --> Opportunity.IP Address
  • Receipt Sent --> Opportunity.Receipt Sent
  • Subscription ID --> Opportunity.Subscription ID
  • Thank You Sent --> Opportunity.Thank You Sent
  • Transaction Date --> Opportunity.Transaction Date
  • Transaction Description --> Opportunity.Transaction Description
  • Transaction ID --> Opportunity.Transaction ID
  • Transaction Status --> Opportunity.Transaction Status
  • Tribute Email --> Opportunity.Tribute Email
  • Tribute Message --> Opportunity.Tribute Message
  • Tribute Name --> Opportunity.Tribute Name
  • Tribute Notification Method --> Opportunity.Tribute Notification Method
  • Tribute Recipient City --> Opportunity.Tribute Recipient City
  • Tribute Recipient Country --> Opportunity.Tribute Recipient Country
  • Tribute Recipient First Name --> Opportunity.Tribute Recipient First Name
  • Tribute Recipient Last Name --> Opportunity.Tribute Recipient Last Name
  • Tribute Recipient Postal Code --> Opportunity.Tribute Recipient Postal Code
  • Tribute Recipient State --> Opportunity.Tribute Recipient State
  • Tribute Recipient Street --> Opportunity.Tribute Recipient Street
  • Tribute Type --> Opportunity.Tribute Type

2. Confirm Lead Status picklist options

In Salesforce Lightning, access the Lead Status field by going to Setup > Object Manager > Lead, clicking Fields & Relationships in the left column, and clicking

In Salesforce Classic, access the Lead Status field by going to Setup > Customize > Leads > Fields and clicking on Lead Status.

Confirm that the following picklist values exist for the field named Lead Status by clicking on the field label and scrolling to the section titled Lead Status Picklist Values. If not, add them by clicking the New button in the Lead Status Picklist Values header and then check the box next to the Soapbox Donations lead process to associate them with that lead process.

  • Open - Not Contacted
  • Working - Contacted
  • Closed - Converted
  • Closed - Not Converted

3. Confirm that the Lead Status picklist option “Closed - Converted” is checked as a “Converted” status

In addition, confirm that the value “Closed - Converted” is checked as a “Converted” status. If it is not, click Edit, check Converted, and Save. If you’re unable to save “Converted” status checkbox (i.e. the page simply refreshes when you try to save it), go to Setup > Customize > Leads > Lead Processes, click on “Soapbox Donations”, and then ensure that a status with “(Converted)” in it is in the Selected Values column and that the Default option is set to “Open - Not Contacted”.

4. Add the Donation Match Review Needed field to the Soapbox Donation Lead page layout

In Salesforce Lightning, go to Setup > Object Manager > Lead and click Fields & Relationships in the left column.

In Salesforce Classic, go to Setup > Customize > Leads > Page Layouts.

  1. Click the Edit link in the row containing the Soapbox Donation Lead Layout
  2. Drag the Donation Match Review Needed field from the top panel and onto the page layout, just above the Lead Record Type Field
  3. Click the Save button
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