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Allowing front end visitors to identify a range when searching a date field


If you have a Directories page which includes a date field from Salesforce that front end visitors can use to search, you can choose to provide the ability for them to search on a range rather than a single date.

To enable a search by range for a Salesforce field:

  1. Open the Directories page you wish to customize
  2. Click on the Search Form tab
  3. Click on the Salesforce Element for the date field you wish to alter
  4. For Display as Range, choose Yes
  5. If you wish, you may enter default values for the Default Start Date and Default End Date parameters. These values can be relative dates such as TODAY, +1 MONTH, +14 DAYS, or -1 YEAR. These options are taken from a longer list of relative formats in PHP. While not all are officially supported by Soapbox, you may wish to review this list to see if any options may prove useful.
  6. Click Save
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