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Features, fixes, and security enhancements across the Soapbox platform


While our recent raft of Soapbox announcements have shared news about significant features added to various apps, there have also been a wide array of smaller features, fixes, and security updates that have been rolled into Soapbox of late. Here's a rundown across the platform.

Donations app

  • Implemented carding attack countermeasures to restrict the number of fraudulent charges that can be made on a site
  • Added server-side enforcement of the minimum donation amount to guard against bots posting directly to Soapbox without first loading a Donations form
  • Resolved issue with cover the transaction fee when a donor selects, deselects, and selects the option

Events app

  • Added the option for an administrator to select an existing event as part of the classes Import process so that new classes added to Soapbox will replicate the Reservation Info, Attendee Info, and Invitee tab settings of the sample event including any Custom Salesforce Fields included
  • Allow the administrator to set the default sort order for the results in the Search Classes view
  • Add full name of Soapbox user in type ahead suggested options when an admin is adding a user to the Invitee tab for an event
  • Allow HTML tags to be saved as part of the Description parameter for a Course record in the Classes app
  • Resolved an issue with the ordering of fields in the Searches element defining the filter parameters of the Search Classes view
  • Resolved an issue that prevented promo codes included in an event URL from being successfully applied to an event at registration
  • Resolved an issue with the Invitee popup form in the add/edit Event view from working properly in the new Soapbox administrator template
  • Resolved issue with the incorrect event status appearing on the Browse Classes and Search Classes views
  • Resolved an issue with text area fields included in the Custom Salesforce Fields of the Attendee Information form for an event were not properly saving values entered by registrants in Soapbox or Salesforce
  • Resolved an issue with the incorrect payment amount being charged for some class registrations using the shopping cart order form when a volume discount was applied to the order
  • Resolved issue with $0 donation line item being included with the {ticketslist} merge fields when no donation was made as part of an event registration

Forms app

  • Allow admin to exclude picklist options from Saleforce when displaying a picklist as a field on a Forms app page. Read more >>
  • Added support for the exclusion of picklist options for the State Code picklist is included on a Forms app page for Salesforce instances with State and Country Picklists enabled
  • Updated the type ahead functionality for picklist fields to work with the Soapbox Engage standard template
  • Resolved an issue when multiple Boolean fields were set to Require True to Submit that caused the requirement to only be enforced for one of the fields

Petitions app

  • Implemented security maintenance updates to the Petitions app
  • Resolved an issue that prevented the petition form from properly displaying on mobile devices when a site uses the Soapbox Engage standard template
  • Resolved an issue that prevented the goal progress wheel from properly displaying on mobile devices when a site uses the Soapbox Engage standard template

Shop app

  • Resolved issue with the Add Text Element not correctly opening the modal popup in the Product tab of a Store
  • Resolved issue with the Billing State selector in the payment section not correctly altering field type or picklist values based on the Billing Country
  • Resolved issue with Shipping State/Province field not altering based on the country value or successfully populating from the billing info when the Copy from Billing Information is clicked by the front end user and the billing info is outside the United States

Soapbox Administrator

  • Implemented flood control countermeasures to restrict the number of incorrect administrator login attempts that can be submitted on a site
  • Updated admin navigation for new Soapbox Administrator to include Menu Trash for site management purposes
  • Added unpublished admin module to all Soapbox sites that allows for an admin to switch from classic Soapbox admin interface to the new Soapbox admin interface
  • Additional minor updates to the new Soapbox administrator template to be generally available in the coming months

Standard Template

  • Resolved issue with the background image for a site not loading via https on secure pages
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