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Time zone support added to the Events app


With today's update to Soapbox, support for time zones has been added to the Events app. Moving forward, for any event you create, you will be required to select the time zone of that event. The abbreviation for this time zone will be displayed across all views on the front-end and administrator of Soapbox. It will also be included with the start time and end time merge fields for confirmation messages and emails.

You can set a default time zone to be automatically entered for any new event you create by setting it in the Events > Configuration. Should a particular event not fall in that time zone, you can alter the pre-selected value as needed.

For any event made prior to today's release, no time zone will be applied or displayed until and unless you edit the event and select a time zone. You will also be able to edit a previously created event without selecting a time zone, if you wish.

Happy Soapboxing!

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