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Setting how results are loaded for visitors on the Search Classes view


In the Classes app, you can determine how the results in the Search Classes view are shown to the end user. There are three options available to you:

  • Display results progressively, loading additional results as the visitor scrolls to the bottom of the screen using a technique called infinite scroll. This is similar to social media timelines with which you are likely familiar.
  • Displays results progressively by presenting a Show More button that the visitor clicks when they reach the end of the current result list. This is a variant of the infinite scroll option but requires user action.
  • Display all results at once

Each of the progressive options are excellent for sites with a large number of classes or significant mobile browsing by their community. The last option is most appropriate for sites with a smaller number of classes.

This behavior is set in the Searches record used by the Search Classes view. To edit this behavior:

  • Open the Searches item you wish to edit
  • Click the Search Form tab
  • In the Setup section, for Enable Infinite Scroll, select Yes if you wish to display the results progressively or No if you wish to display them all at once
  • For Infinite Scroll Type, if you have chosen Yes for Enable Infinite Scroll, choose Click to display a button to the visitor or Scroll to automatically load additional results when the visitor reaches the bottom of the screen
  • For Click Results Number, if you have chosen Click for the infinite scroll method, set the number of results to be displayed on initial load and then with each button click
  • Click Save
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