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Infinite scroll for searching classes and the ability to override event capacity


With the latest updates to Soapbox, two significant features have been added for managing events and classes.

First, Soapbox administrators can determine how the results in the Search Classes view are shown to the end user. There are three options available:

  • Display results progressively, loading additional results as the visitor scrolls to the bottom of the screen using a technique called infinite scroll. This is similar to social media timelines with which you are likely familiar.
  • Displays results progressively by presenting a Show More button that the visitor clicks when they reach the end of the current result list. This is a variant of the infinite scroll option but requires user action.
  • Display all results at once. This was the only option prior to this update.

For more details, check out Setting how results are loaded for visitors on the Search Classes view.

Secondly, administrators now have the ability to set an event to be shown as at capacity regardless of the number of registrations and how they relate to the Event Capacity parameter value. This feature is ideal for organizations that accept a lot of registrations offline and wish to easily disable further registrations once they reach total capacity.

For more details on this feature, check out Setting an event to be shown as at capacity regardless of the number of registrations or the Event Capacity.

Happy Soapboxing!

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