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Displaying a page showing tiles of peer-to-peer fundraising pages with progess toward a goal and their hero image


If your site has the peer-to-peer fundraising add on, you can create a page that displays peer-to-peer Donation pages you select as tiles with their hero image and progress metrics. Visitors can click on a given tile to view the individual peer-to-peer Parent Campaign Page where they can create their own Fundraising Page, find an existing Fundraising Page to which to donate, or donate to the Parent Campaign itself.

To create a peer-to-peer Donation app tiles view:

  1. Go to the Menu Manager
  2. Open the Menu to which you wish to add the tiles page
  3. Click New
  4. In the option tree, click Donations
  5. In the expanded option tree, click Donations Page by Tiles
  6. In the next view, provide a page title. This will appear at the top of the page.
  7. For Alias, leave this blank, if you wish the system to generate it automatically based on the page title you defined. Otherwise, you may enter a custom URL slug.
  8. In the right column under Parameters (Basic), for Donation app pages, select all pages you wish to include as tiles
  9. Click Save
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