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Simplifying adding events to a registrant's calendar and more


With recent updates to Soapbox, we've made it easier for registrants to add your event to their calendar of choice. Now, they can do so with new Add to Google and Add to Outlook links on the event detail page. You can also include these options as part of a merge field in event confirmation emails. And you can elect to include an ICS file as an attachment to email confirmations so the process of adding the event to their calendar is even easier!

The following is a breakdown of the specifics of those features along with other improvements made to the Events app:

  • Added the option for an admin to choose to attach an ICS file to Events email confirmations so registrants can easily add the event to their calendar. Learn more >>
  • Added hyperlinks to the Add to iCal section of the event detail page so a visitor can easily add an event to their Google or Microsoft Outlook calendars. This requires no action on your part for this update to be in affect.
  • Added an {addtocalendar} merge field in email confirmations that displays the Add to Calendar links. Learn more >>
  • Added the ability for an administrator to limited the results displayed to a visitor on the Search Classes view to only those whose start date is today or in the future. Learn more >>
  • Resolved issue with sites using the infinite scroll option for Search Classes were the spinning wheel indicator would appear in some situations when no further results were loading
  • Resolved issue with the date parameter not appearing on the Events Manager filter pane when Date Range is selected for Event Date and Date Range is "...On or Before" or "...On or After"
  • Updated the alignment of the Event Capacity parameter on add/edit event > Edit tab
  • Resolved an issue with the format of the start date on the add/edit Event Summary tab and header section

Happy Soapboxing!

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