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I've just entered my Salesforce credentials, but it doesn't seem to have worked...


If you are having trouble getting Soapbox to accept new Salesforce credentials, try the following steps:

  1. Log into Salesforce and reset your Salesforce password
  2. Note the new password and token pair.  Remember that tokens are password specific, so if you have a new password, you have to have the token that was generate with it.
  3. Log into your Soapbox admin
  4. Clear the Soapbox Site Cache, by clicking "Clear Cache" in the upper right
  5. Enter the username and new matching password/token pair from step 2, into the Salesforce Settings
  6. Click the submit button
  7. Clear your site cache again
  8. Click the "View Diagnostics" link in the upper-right to confirm that your SF credentials are now working.

And that should do the trick.  If the diagnostics view still indicates that the credentials are not being accepted, open a ticket with our Support team, and let them know you've tried the above steps.

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