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Displaying a progress bar on a Parent Campaign Page for a Peer-to-Peer Donation app page


If your site has the peer-to-peer fundraising add on, you can choose to display a progress bar on the main Parent Campaign Page for any Donation form for which peer-to-peer is enabled. This progress bar will be displayed below the Start Fundraising call-to-action section and the Page Intro. Its goal can either be the sum of the goals for all Fundraising Pages associated with that Donation page or a goal explicitly set for that Donation page.

To show or hide the progress metrics and set a goal:

  • Open the Soapbox Donation form you wish to update
  • Click the Fundraiser tab
  • In the Parent Campaign Page section, for Display Progress Metrics, choose Yes or No
  • For Fundraising Goal, enter the goal value for this peer-to-peer Donation page. If this is left blank, the sum of all Fundraising Pages associated with this Donation page will be used as the goal.
  • Click Save
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