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Soapbox 2.10.479 Release Notes - Released 11/12/2019


Release date: 11/12/2019
Soapbox 2.10.479 included the following features and fixes:

Soapbox administrator

  • Left-aligned contexts of Fundraising Page Title, Donation Form, Fundraiser Username, Fundraiser Name, and Fundraiser Email columns on Fundraising Pages view
  • Added the title of the Donation app page you are editing in the area above the tab structure of the add/edit view so it is visible across all tabs
  • Updated the order of the icons on Donations > Configuration view to Blocklist, Save, Apply, and Cancel
  • Ensured that, when an admin clicks a cancel button to exit an add/edit view for Events > Searches and Events > Instructors, the admin URL doesn't lose its parameters
  • Removed an extraneous gray box from above the Petitions > Supporters table on the right of the page
  • Updated navigation for Events > Reservation Manager to changes view to View by Order and View by Event
  • Added navigation buttons for Soapbox Lighting in the Media Manager to toggle between Thumbnail View and Detail View
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