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Designating an order as fraud in Soapbox


In Soapbox, you have the ability to designate a Shop order as fraudulent if you discover that a nefarious actor successfully used your Shop store form to test stolen credit cards or perform some other invalid submission. This will only update the fraud status of the transaction in Soapbox, thereby removing it from the default Orders view and summary information. Designating a transaction as fraudulent does not have any impact on that transaction with your payment processor.

To designate a transaction as fraudulent:

  1. Go the Orders view in the Shop app
  2. Find the order in question using the search field and/or filter pane
  3. Click the hyperlinked Name to view the Order detail view
  4. To the right of Fraud Status, click the checkbox toggle to switch the status from Valid to Fraud. If you wish to change it back to Valid, simply click the checkbox toggle again.
  5. Click Close
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