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Massive updates to peer-to-peer fundraising and more



At Soapbox, we're dedicated to the success of nonprofits especially during the current pandemic. To better support that success, we've invested a significant amount of engineering resources to further improve our peer-to-peer fundraising solution over the last several weeks. Peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns leverage valuable social connections for organizations to raise money in these uniquely challenging times and we're committed to elevating the effectiveness and ease of those campaigns.

We continue to make these investments into the current month and beyond to ensure that nonprofits are equipped for the challenge of raising money to fund their missions.

Here's a breakdown of all of the updates to the Donations app as well as the rest of the platform:

Donations app

  • Added support for team captains and Fundraisers to login to the front-end of Soapbox using their Google accounts so they can create and manage Teams and Fundraising Pages. View details >>
  • Added ability for administrators to send customized email notifications to peer-to-peer team captains when a new Fundraising Page is created for their Team. View details >>
  • Added ability for administrators to send customized email notifications to peer-to-peer fundraisers when a new donation is made on their Fundraising Page. View details >>
  • Added support for the entry of offline one-time transactions in the Donations > Transactions view in the admin so that these donations can be applied to a peer-to-peer campaign and a specific Fundraising Page with those donations reflected on the progress bar toward goals for the campaign, Team, and individual Fundraising Page. View details >>
  • Improved new and existing user flow in the peer-to-peer fundraising experience for fundraisers and team captains
  • Added support for use of the primary domain of the site as a URL for a peer-to-peer donation campaign. Previously, only subpages could be used.
  • Added support for including the fundraiser's first name and last name in the Default Fundraising Title. View details >>
  • Improved the display and default subject and body of the email sent to new fundraisers when they create a Fundraising Page
  • Created an additional merge field for the Fundraising Page email confirmation that displays the title of the Donation form with which the Fundraising Page is associated. View details >>
  • Updated the system default value for Default Fundraising Title
  • Updated system defaults for Donations > Fundraising tab to make creation of new peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns easier for an administrator
  • Updated the sorting functionality for the Teams table on the add/edit Donation form > Team tab for peer-to-peer fundraising pages with Teams enabled to allow the admin to sort by number of members, amount raised, total goal, total progress toward goal, total supporters, and Id of the Team
  • Updated search on main Donations app peer-to-peer campaign page Fundraisers tab to include matching fundraiser names in the results
  • Updated search on main Donations app peer-to-peer Team page Members tab to include matching fundraiser names in the results
  • Enables admin to allow public access to peer-to-peer Fundraising Pages even if the user account associated with it is disabled by setting a parameter in Donations > Configuration. View details >>
  • Automated the creation of a Salesforce Campaign for a Team created in the administrator and uses the Campaign for the Donation form as the Parent Campaign
  • Revised the display of the percentage toward goal for a Fundraising Page to show values greater than 100%
  • Resolved issues with the Fundraising Page name search and filter pane on Donations > Fundraising Pages in the administrator
  • Added support for recording subsequent recurring payments from CyberSource to Soapbox and Salesforce. For assistance in setting this up, please open a support ticket >>

Events app

  • Resolved an issue that prevented the secure payment form from displaying on the event registration when a registrant entered an optional donation amount if the event had only free tickets available

Forms app

  • Updated the naming of honeypot fields in the Forms app to prevent potential conflicts when attempting to populate hidden field values
  • Updated honeypot functionality in Forms app to ensure that submissions with values in the honeypot fields are blocked
  • Restructured the code for peer-to-peer elements across the front-end views of Donations to better support future enhancements to the user experience

Payment processors

  • Updated integration to support peer verification directly from servers for production and staging environments to support of changes with services

User Integration / Portals

  • Cleaned up HTML elements in the new web user activation email sent to new registrants
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