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Displaying a hero image on a Parent Campaign Page for a Peer-to-Peer Donation app page


If your site has the peer-to-peer fundraising add on, you can choose to display a hero image or background color at the top of the main Parent Campaign Page for any Donation form for which peer-to-peer is enabled. This hero image between the site header and the Start Fundraising call-to-action section. The page title will be displayed over the hero image and centered on the page.

The hero image will be span the full width of the content area of the Donation page or, if your template supports it, the full width of the entirety of the site.

To show or hide a hero image:

  • Open the Soapbox Donation form you wish to update
  • To customize the hero image, go to the Basics tab > Details section and click Browse next to Upload Hero Image. If you have already uploaded an image you wish to use, you can select it from the Select a Hero Image drop down.
  • Click the Fundraiser tab
  • In the Parent Campaign Page section, for Display Hero Image, choose Yes or No.

    NOTE: If you choose to upload a hero image but set Display Hero Image to No, the image will still be used as the social sharing image when the parent campaign page is shared over Facebook, Twitter, and other channels.

  • Click Save
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