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Customizing the Confirmation Page shown to orderers for the Classes app Shopping Cart


With the Classes app, you have the option of enabling a Shopping Cart so registrants can add several classes to their cart and check out once rather than doing so for each class.

To customize the confirmation page displayed to the orderer after submitting the shopping cart order form:

  • Open the Configuration for the Events app
  • Click the Shopping Cart tab
  • Scroll down to the Confirmation Page Message section
  • For Page Title, enter the title you wish to appear at the top of the confirmation page
  • For Page Content, use the editor to enter the text you wish to appear in the body of the confirmation page. You can include images and other elements. You can also include the following variables (or merge fields) in curly brackets that reference details of their registration:
    • {name}: The First Name and Last Name of the orderer, as provided in the Contact Information section of the shopping cart order form
    • {amount}: The amount charged the ticket orderer
    • {paymentstatus}: The status of the payment as "paid" or "invoiced". If the invoice option is not enabled for the shopping cart, this will always be paid.
    • {ordersummary}: The details of the classes and tickets ordered along with prices, discounts, and any applicable personalized webinar links, if a class has Zoom integration enabled.
  • Click Save
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