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Enhancements to Directories record display and editing permissions in Portals



We've made several updates to the Directories app and Portal feature to give you as an administrator more flexibility and power in customizing the user experience on your site.

First off, we've added the ability for you to identify multiple values in a Salesforce picklist to include in a query when displaying records. As an example, if you have a picklist field called Status with the values of New, Existing, and Suspended, you could choose to set the Default Value for this field as "New" or "Existing" so records matching either value are shown in search results.

Secondly, you can now allow front-end users to click on a record in a related list for a Directory to see the full record detail. For instance, let's say you have a Directory that is showing all Accounts that are active members of your organization. In that Directory, you include a related list showing all active Contacts for that member Account. Now, you can allow a front-end user to click through to see a full detail record of each Contact.

Lastly, with our Portal feature you can restrict edit access to a given record for a logged in user based on a formula field. Let's take that bit by bit there because there is a lot to unpack.

If you have our Portal feature, you can allow front-end users to login to your Soapbox site and have their web user connected to a Contact in Salesforce. Once logged in, you can show them a Directory of records filtered based on values on their Contact record. Let's say you have one Directory that shows their Account record. On that Account view, you include a related list that shows all of the Contact records associated with that Account.

Now, let's say you want to grant edit access to those Contacts but you only want one particular web user for a given Account to have edit access. With the new functionality added to Soapbox, you can create a lookup field on the Account in Salesforce to define which Contact should have edit access to all Contacts and then include that lookup field value in a formula field on the Contact object itself. This allows you to set up Soapbox so only the logged in web user whose Contact matches that lookup value can edit those records.

And, best of all, our Portal (aka User Integration) add on that allows for the creation of a powerful, personalized logged in user experience seamlessly integrated with Salesforce allows for an unlimited number of web users at a flat rate of just $99 per month.

Pretty cool, eh?

For more information, check out the following support articles:

For more details about adding Directories or Portals, open a ticket and we'll be happy to chat!

Happy Soapboxing!

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