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Soapbox 2.10.603 Release Notes - Released 8/12/2020


Release date: 8/12/2020
Soapbox 2.10.603 included the following features and fixes:

Events app

  • Added the ability for an administrator to view a list of Zoom Meetings in their Zoom account and select one to associate with an event in Soapbox
  • Added the ability for an administrator to create a Zoom Meeting in their Zoom account from within Soapbox and associate it with an event
  • Added a Virtual Meeting Details section to the Standard template email confirmation for events that includes personalized Zoom Meeting links for attendees as well as the Zoom Meeting Id
  • Included Zoom Join URL in scheduled email Body with {webinarattendeelinks} merge field if the order includes values for the Zoom Join URL for the tickets
  • Added validation to require a unique email address for each attendee if Zoom integration is enabled for an event
  • Display validation message at top of event registration page if registrant attempts to use the same email address for multiple attendees for a Zoom-integrated event
  • Display Zoom account owner name on Events > Config > Integration tab as non-editable parameter to show which user account is used by Soapbox
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