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Major upgrade to the Shop app radically expands ecommerce options


With a recent update to the Shop app, we've significantly enhanced your options for offering a wide range of products while providing an easy front-end user experience for your constituents. In addition to the individual Stores that provide one-step ordering and checkout functionality, you can now offer a full shopping cart experience with myriad ways that individuals can view your entire product catalog - whether that includes fifty or 5,000 products.

Let's break down some of the key differences between what existed in the Shop app prior to this update and what is available to you now.

Existing functionality: Stores in the Shop app

What is it?

A Store in the Shop app is essentially an order form where a visitor can choose products from a list and submit payment. The visitor completes the entire process on a single form - from viewing and selecting products to providing contact and shipping information to adding an optional donation to applying a promo code to submitting payment. They cannot navigate around to different Stores or views without losing the products they selected in a Store.

As an administrator, you create one or more Stores and add specific products to those Stores. Only those products you add to a Store can be purchased using that Store. You can further organize products by categories which appear as tabs on the Shop order form.

Why might I use it?

A Store is best used for a small number of products where there is a priority of a simple user experience and minimizing visitor clicks for speedy ordering.

New functionality: Shopping Cart in the Shop app

What is it?

The Shopping Cart in the Shop app allows visitors to navigate to various views on your site, add products of their choice to a shopping cart that persists throughout their entire session, and checkout to purchase all products in their cart.

Along with the Shopping Cart view itself which shows items in a visitor's cart and processes payment, the Shopping Cart also uses one or more of these additional views and elements:

  • Product Search

    A view that allows a visitor to search by product name and shows a pagination list of results. This view can also display all products by default.

  • Taxonomy Terms

    Flexibility administrator tools that allow you to create a multifaceted structure for your product catalog.

  • Collection view

    A view of all of the products with a given taxonomy term or terms applied.

  • Product Detail view

    A full detail view of a product that allows the visitor to add the product to their shopping cart.

Why might I use it?

The Shopping Cart in the Shop app is best used for larger numbers of products that necessitate searching and browsing between different views on your site. It can also be useful for those with products that contain a significant amount of detail.


For more information on the Shop app and the new shopping cart functionality, check out our recorded webinar.

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