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How do I set the default Soapbox Engage page?


Your default Soapbox Engage page is the page that is displayed to the visitor when they visit your standard or custom URL without any page URL-ending added to the URL.  For instance, if your Soapbox Engage standard domain is, your default page would be at  If your Soapbox Engage custom domain is, your default page would be at

To customize which page is displayed when a visitor visits your default Soapbox Engage page, simply follow the steps below.

  1. Login to your Soapbox Engage administrator
  2. Go to App Launcher (waffle in the upper-left) and search for "menus" and click the "Utilities > Menus" link
  3. On the Menu Manager page, click the icon in the "MENU ITEM(S)" column for the appropriate menu where your page exists, which by default will be the "Hidden Menu"
  4. On the Menu Item Manager page, check the checkbox for the menu item that you want to be displayed on your default Soapbox Engage page, and click the Default action button in the upper-right
  5. Confirm that the page you selected is now your default Soapbox Engage page by opening a new browser tab and visiting your base Soapbox Engage URL
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