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Greater control for Soapbox portal sites in managing user access to content



With a recent update to Soapbox, we extended the power of Soapbox administrators to control what visitors can access on sites with the Soapbox portals feature enabled.

Portals allows front-end users the ability to login to a Soapbox site for a powerful, personalized user experience. This feature can be extended further through user access levels as well as integration between web users and Contacts in Salesforce.

The recent update to Soapbox now allows an administrator to determine with greater specificity who has access to specific content on the site and who does not, allowing for improvements to the overall user experience as well as increased options for presenting content on the site. For more details, check out our new knowledge base article.

If you're interested in adding portals to your site, open a ticket! We'll be happy to help!

Happy Soapboxing!

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