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Determining if reCAPTCHA was enabled when a given transaction was processed


reCAPTCHA is an optional anti-spam tool that can be enabled for all users on all Donations pages in Donations > Configuration or only users from specific countries. For the latter, submit a ticket with details and we'll be happy to enable this on your site.

For any transaction after 3/3/2021, Soapbox records whether or not reCAPTCHA was enabled for a given transaction.

To view the status of reCAPTCHA for a visitor when submitting the Donation form:

  1. Go the Transactions view in the Donations app
  2. Find the transaction in question using the search field and/or filter pane
  3. Click the hyperlinked Name to view the Transaction detail view
  4. Scroll down to the Soapbox Information section
  5. For reCAPTCHA, the value will be listed as Yes or No, depending on whether reCAPTCHA was enabled for the visitor when submitting the Donation form
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