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Filtering Search Classes view by Semester


In the Search Classes view, you can enable or disable standard search fields or create custom search fields based on Taxonomy Terms. One of standard field you can include is the Semester for the class. This will display to the front-end visitor as a single-select drop down, allowing them to select a specific Semester, Current Semester(s), or All Semesters.

To enable and customize this standard search field:

  • Open the Searches item you wish to edit
  • Click the Search Form tab
  • For Semester standard field element, you can click the icon in the Published column to show or hide from the visitor as well as click and hold the plus sign in the Order column to move its location on the search form
  • To customize the Semesters search parameter, click the Edit icon in the far right column
  • In the modal popup:
    • For Label, customize the text for the search field as it will appear to the visitor
    • For Published, select Yes or No
  • Click Save
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