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Enabling the Shopping Cart to be used by default for registrations in the Classes app


With the Classes app, you have the option of enabling a Shopping Cart so registrants can add several classes to their cart and check out once rather than doing so for each class. This is a global default setting that, if enabled, means that all Classes and Events for your Soapbox site will require checkout using the Shopping Cart unless the setting has been overridden for an individual Class or Event.

To enable the Shopping Cart for the Events app

  • Open the Configuration for the Events app
  • Click the Shopping Cart tab
  • For Enable Shopping Cart, select Yes
  • Click Save

Also make sure you have a Checkout Page selected under the Configurations tab. If you do not have one created, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Menu Manager for your administrator
  • Open the menu in which you wish to create the Event shopping cart view by clicking the icon in the Menu Item(s) column. For most Engage sites without the Soapbox content management system, this will likely be the Hidden Menu or Soapbox Engage Menu but can vary based on your site structure.
  • Click New
  • Under Select Menu Item Type, click Events
  • In the options that expand, click Shopping Cart > Checkout
  • In the Title field of the form that opens, type the name of the menu item that you wish to display to the end user
  • In the Alias field, you may leave this blank to have Soapbox automatically create the final portion of the URL for this page based on the title or you can customize your own alias
  • Under Parent Item, select the appropriate menu item the new link should fall under. If it is a main level item, do not select anything. For most Engage sites without the Soapbox content management system, you will likely keep this as a top level menu item.
  • Click Save

Once a menu item is created you can select it for the Checkout Page under Events > Configuration

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