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Creating and applying volume discounts for tickets purchased through the Shopping Cart


With the Shopping Cart in the Classes app, you have the option to create volume discounts for tickets sold in a given order. With volume discounts, you create a code for a given discount in the Shopping Cart and set the quantity required to get this discount. After doing so, you apply this discount code to as many individual Ticket Types on as many different Classes as you would like. For each ticket, you identify the discount price that is used when the discount is applied. If the total number of Tickets with the discount code added to a given Shopping Cart equals or exceeds the quantity, the discount is applied.

The visitor will not need to apply any code on the front-end to receive this discount. It will be automatically applied if their cart order includes the required minimum number of tickets.

To create Discounts in the Shopping Cart for the Events app

  • Open the Configuration for the Events app
  • Click the Shopping Cart tab
  • Scroll down to the Discount section
  • Click Add Discount
  • For Name, enter a name for the discount
  • For Published, choose Yes or No
  • For Code, enter a unique string that will define this code. This will be entered into each Ticket Type to which you wish the volume discount applied. It will not be entered by the visitor and will not be seen on the front-end.
  • For Minimum Quantity, enter the number of tickets required to cause this code to be applied
  • For Public Description, enter the text used to describe this discount when it is applied on the front-end of the site
  • Click Save

To apply a Discount code to a given Ticket Type or Types:

  • Open the Event with the Ticket Type(s) to which you wish to apply the volume Discount code
  • Click the Edit tab
  • Under the Ticket Information section, click the edit icon to the Ticket Type to which you wish to apply the volume Discount code
  • For Volume Discount Group, enter the Code you created on the Events > Shopping Cart for this discount
  • For Volume Discount Price, enter the discounted per ticket price. For instance, if the original price per ticket is $50 and you wish to provide a 10% volume discount, enter 45.
  • Click Save

Repeat this process for each Ticket Type of each event to which you wish to apply the volume discount.

Use Case

An arts organization has classes across a wide spectrum of topics. They have a series of dance classes for which they wish to provide a volume discount such that anyone including at least three tickets from any of their dance classes gets 20% off those tickets. For each class, there are public Ticket Types for $100 and registered member Ticket Types for $80. They wish to provide 10% off for both the public and members.

The administrator creates a Discount code of dance123! in the Shopping Cart and sets the Minimum Quantity to 3. She then applies the dance123! discount code to both the public and registered member Ticket Types for all dance classes in the catalog with Volume Discount Price  as $90 for public Ticket Types and $72 for registered member Ticket Types.

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