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Update Event Capacity Based on Salesforce Registration Data


In the Soapbox Engage Events app, an administrator can set the event capacity under “Ticket Information” when creating a new event. Soapbox Engage tracks how many people register for the event and closes event registration when capacity is reached. This, however, doesn’t account for registrations that happen in-person or by other means. With this release, administrators can have registrations recorded directly in Salesforce count towards the event capacity in the Soapbox Engage Events app.

For example, let’s say your event capacity is set to 10 and you have 3 people register online and 3 people register in-person (recorded directly in Salesforce). Soapbox Engage will know that 6 people have registered, and set event capacity to have only 4 tickets remaining. This allows you to automatically calculate remaining event capacity based on registrations taken via your website and in-person or other means.


  1. Administrators can have registrations recorded directly in Salesforce count towards an event’s capacity usage in Soapbox Engage.

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