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Embed Your Soapbox Engage Donations Form into a Microsoft Teams Meeting


The Soapbox Engage Donations app has big news! Administrators are now able to embed Donation forms into Microsoft Teams meetings. This means that organizations can accept one-time and monthly recurring donations LIVE during Teams meetings and events. Constituents are able to seamlessly submit donations while never having to leave Teams. These donations are then immediately recorded in Microsoft Fundraising and Engagement or Salesforce so data stays up to date and organized.

Admins can accomplish this by navigating to the Donations app > Donation Page you wish to embed > Integration tab > under the Donation Page Widget section you can copy the Microsoft Teams Embed URL. For instructions on how to add the URL to a Teams meeting, checkout the how-to article below!


  1. Embed a Donation form into a Microsoft Teams meeting.

How-To Articles

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