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Restrict Event Attendees to Active Members or other Salesforce Contacts


With the Soapbox Engage Events app, organizations can easily manage an unlimited number of events and registrations with numerous ticketing options. Thanks to this update, administrators can now restrict attendees for a given event to only those who have matching Contacts in Salesforce.

Tailor-made for membership organizations but flexible enough to accommodate countless other scenarios, you can restrict each event to only those Contacts to whom you wish to allow access through easily customizable Contact Matching Validation rules. Match one or more attendee information fields to one or more Salesforce Contact fields to get as broad or specific as you wish. Just think of Salesforce as your event bouncer and Soapbox as your rope line.


  1. Allows an admin to select one or multiple fields to match in the Contact object against the ticket fields in an event registration page so that only attendees matching existing Contacts can be successfully registered.

  2. Allows an admin to customize the Validation Error Message shown to front-end visitors.

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