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Increased control over the Classes app front-end user experience


With a recent Soapbox Engage release, we’ve granted administrators more control over the Classes app front-end user experience in addition to cleaning up a couple of items.

When using the Classes shopping cart, by default, the order summary section of the shopping cart order form shows each individual ticket under its respective class that is contained in the order. With this Soapbox Engage release, administrators are able to hide individual tickets for specific events if they wish, displaying just the aggregate number of tickets for a given event.

Administrators can also customize the Search Events view with a page intro, allowing the option to provide additional context for front-end visitors.


  1. Allows administrators to set whether individual tickets are shown in the Shopping Cart order summary, confirmation page and confirmation email.
  2. Adds the ability to customize a page intro for Search Classes views to offer greater context to front-end visitors.
  3. Improves the process for selecting existing events to use as templates when importing classes from a CSV file.
  4. Ensures that Searchable Lookup fields included as event-level custom fields in the Events enhanced shopping cart experience show the Searchable Lookup Display Field value rather than the Searchable Lookup Reference Field value on the shopping cart order summary, confirmation page, and confirmation email.
  5. Resolves an issue with the ordering of Courses in the Taxonomy with Courses and Classes view.

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