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Hiding individual tickets in the order summary section of Classes shopping cart views


When using the Classes shopping cart, by default, the order summary section of the shopping cart order form shows each individual ticket under its respective class that is contained in the order. This is also true when you include the {ordersummary} merge field on the shopping cart confirmation page or shopping cart confirmation email.

If you wish, you can alter this behavior to show only the total number of tickets for a given event. This is done on an event by event basis and will allow the visitor to see the total tickets and total cost for those tickets associated with an individual event as well as allow them the option of removing all tickets for the event from their shopping cart.

To hide individual tickets from the order summary areas of the shopping cart order form, confirmation page, and confirmation email:

  • Open the event for which you wish to hide individual tickets
  • Click the Attendee Info tab
  • In the Standard Fields section, find the Display Individual Tickets in Shopping Cart parameter. NOTE: This parameter will only be displayed if the Shopping Cart has been enabled on the Events > Configuration > Shopping Cart tab.
  • Select Hide to hide the tickets
  • Click Save
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