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Create Repeating Forms in the Forms App and Enable a Shopping Cart in the Directories App


With the Soapbox Engage Forms app, organizations can easily create and promote forms that help them better understand the needs of their community, encourage newsletter sign-ups, handle volunteer registrations, and more. Thanks to this update, administrators can create repeating forms. A repeating form gives people the option to submit multiple forms on a single page. Say a parent is signing up themselves and their children for a volunteer session. After the parent has input their own information, they can simply click “add” to see an additional set of fields where they can enter their kids' information. When the form is submitted, multiple records are created in Salesforce. This saves people time and keeps them from having to submit the same form multiple times!

Additionally this update creates new functionality in the Directories app! If an organization is utilizing the Directories and Forms apps together, administrators can enable an add to cart button. Say you’re using the Directories app to display volunteer opportunities in different cities or states. A person can scroll through the directory and click “add” to the opportunities they're interested in. When they’re ready to checkout, they can fill out the form for each volunteer opportunity on the same page! This creates a time-saving, seamless user experience!


  1. Allows administrators to create repeating forms in the Forms app.

  2. Saves the information submitted on a repeating form to separate records in Salesforce.

  3. Allows administrators, if using the Directories and Forms apps together, to enable an add to cart button in the Directories app.

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