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Greater flexibility for Actions app letter content


With the Actions app, you are able to define the body of the letter to be sent to the target of the action and set whether your supporter completing the Action can personalize that text. With a recent update to the Actions app, you now have greater flexibility in determining what can be edited by supporters.

This release has added both an optional Opening and Closing section to the letter with the option to allow personalization by your supporter or not. This allows you to have some portions of the letter text by standardized and uneditable while allowing for personal editing by supporters of others.

Happy Soapboxing!


  1. Define an optional Opening section of an Action letter
  2. Set the Opening section as editable or not editable by the supporter
  3. Define an optional Closing section of an Action letter
  4. Set the Closing section as editable or not editable by the supporter

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