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Set Default Values for Fields in the Donations app


The Soapbox Engage Donations app provides a great deal of flexibility when creating your pages to meet your needs as an administrator and customize the front-end user experience. Thanks to this update, administrators can set default values for the standard fields in the Contact Information and Billing Information sections of a Donations page page as they can for custom fields. This includes name, email, phone, organization, state, zip code, country, and more.

As an example, if you are an organization based in Canada, you can now alter the default value of the Country field in the Billing Information section of a form to default to Canada.

Additionally, administrators can now prepopulate fields using user-defined session variables. For example, if an organization sends out a marketing email, they can include a personalized link for each customer that includes their postal code, in a format like The postal code can then automatically populate the postal code field when the person reaches the Donations app page.


  1. Allows administrators to set default values for the standard Contact Information and Billing Information fields on a Donations page.

  2. Allows an administrator to set a list of user-defined session variables to use as default field values. 

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