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Creating a Collections view of Products for the Shop shopping cart experience


As part of the Shop shopping cart experience, you can create a view that allows front-end users to browse a collection of products. Collections are groups of products defined by a term or terms that you create and assign to them. A product can have multiple Terms applied and you can create as many Terms and Collection views as you wish.

For instance, you may wish to create a Term for "Books" and another Term for "Clearance". You can apply these terms to your products and then create a Collection view that shows all Products with "Books" applied, another Collection with "Clearance" applied, and a third with both "Books" and "Clearance" applied to only products for which both are assigned.

For sites using our portal service, Products whose Access Level is set to Registered or Special will only be displayed to logged in users with the proper access level. For anonymous users, they will not be displayed even if they have the proper term or terms applied.

To create a Term, do so in the Terms Manager. To apply a Term to a Product, edit the product and select the Term or Terms desired.

To create a Collections view:

  • Go to the Menu Manager for your administrator
  • Open the menu in which you wish to create the Collections view by clicking the icon in the Menu Item(s) column. For most Engage sites without the Soapbox content management system, this will likely be the Hidden Menu or Soapbox Engage Menu but can vary based on your site structure.
  • Click New
  • Under Select Menu Item Type, click Soapbox Shop
  • In the options that expand, click Collection
  • In the Title field of the form that opens, type the name of the menu item that you wish to display to the end user
  • In the Alias field, you may leave this blank to have Soapbox automatically create the final portion of the URL for this page based on the title or you can customize your own alias
  • Under Parent Item, select the appropriate menu item the new link should fall under. If it is a main level item, do not select anything. For most Engage sites without the Soapbox content management system, you will likely keep this as a top level menu item.
  • In the right column, click the Select button next to Select Term
  • In the popup, tick the checkbox next to the Term or Terms you wish to use for this Collection
  • Click Save
  • For Terms Connector, if you selected multiple Terms in the popup, choose OR if you wish to show any Product that has any of the Terms you selected or AND if you only want to show Products with all of the Terms selected
  • For Products Per Page, select how many results you wish to appear per page in the paginated results
  • For Intro, enter the content you wish to appear at the top of the Collection view
  • For Outro, enter the content you wish to appear at the top of the Collection view
  • For No Records Found, enter the content you wish to appear when no records match the Collection criteria
  • Click Save
  • In the Menu Item Manager, use the green arrow keys to shift the order of the new menu item in relation to existing items. This will affect how the menu item is displayed on the front-end of the site.
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