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Expanded tools for exporting Reservation data from the Events app


With a recent release of Soapbox, we've expanded the ways in which you can export reservation and attendee data from the Events app. Previously, you were able to export event-specific reservation and attendee data from the Reservations tab of the desired event in the administrator. Now, you can also export reservation and attendee data for all events from the Reservation view itself.

What's more, if you filter the Reservation view by searching for a specific registration or set of registrations, the results of that filter will be exported so you can access just the data you need.

In addition, we've added the following data to the export files:

Reservations export

  • Payment Type: For paid events, notes if the payment method was Credit Card, PayPal, or Offline (e.g., Cash/Check to be received by you offline).

Attendee export

  • Ticket List Price: The price of the ticket prior to any promo code discount being applied.
  • Ticket Discount Code: The promo code used, if one was successfully applied

Happy Soapboxing!


  • Added the ability for admins to export reservation and attendee information from the Reservations view in the Events app
  • Added Payment Type as a column in the event reservations export file
  • Added Ticket List Price and Ticket Discount Code as columns in the event attendees export file

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