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Setting a canonical URL tag for a Taxonomy Summary Layout menu item


With a recent release of Soapbox, we've provided additional tools to enhance the search engine optimization of your site. You now have the ability to define a canonical URL tag for a Taxonomy Summary Layout menu item. Canonical URLs can be defined in the HTML header for a page and signal to search engines the master or preferred URL for content. This is helpful for search engine optimization particularly when different variations of the URL exist for your site.

For instance, you may have a blog with a menu item showing all articles with a particular Term applied to them that is paginated with, say, 5 results per page. Each view of the pagination will have a slightly different URL like this:

Setting a canonical URL can help manage this from an SEO perspective by setting just the base version of the URL as the canonical (e.g.,

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  • Allows the administrator to set a canonical URL for a Taxonomy Summary Layout menu item

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