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Ensuring proper rendering of images in Events app confirmation emails


With a recent update to Soapbox, we've made it easier to successfully include images in the confirmation emails from the Events app. Prior to this release, depending on a given setting on a site and the method with which an admin added an image to an email, the reference to that image might only use a relative URL (e.g, /storage/images/my-image.png) as opposed to the full absolute URL for the site (e.g., This would cause the image to appear in the WYSIWYG editor in the administrator but fail to load for the recipient when the email was sent.

With this new update, Soapbox dynamically adds the site URL to any relative URL for an image included in confirmation emails to ensure that it renders for the recipient. This is done in confirmation emails sent after standard Event registrations as well as those with the Events shopping cart and Classes app - all without you needing to do a thing!

Similar updates are planned over the coming weeks for the emails sent from our other apps as well. We'll post notices of those updates as they go live.

Happy Soapboxing!


  • Updated event registration confirmation emails to ensure that images render properly for recipients by dynamically adding the site URL to any relative URL for an image
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