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Managing relationship between Soapbox user and Salesforce Contact


Soapbox User Integration maintains a tightly synched relationship between their Soapbox User Account, and their Salesforce Contact Record.  There are multiple ways that you can manage and customize this relationship.

Understanding the process and options for new Contacts added to Salesforce through user registration

You can allow folks to register if they don’t have a Salesforce Contact - and a new Contact will be created for them.  This can allow you to offer a more open registration policy, welcoming new users that you don’t have an existing relationship with.

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Associating new Soapbox user accounts with Salesforce Contacts

If a new registrant does have an existing Contact, Soapbox can match their new User Account with their Salesforce Contact.  It’s going to use a set of matching rules to make sure the new user gets connected to the correct Contact, and to help prevent duplicate Contact records.

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Creating Contact fields in Salesforce to interact with Soapbox User Integration

There are a set of custom fields that Soapbox can use to help you keep track of whose logging in when, what they have access to in Soapbox, and whether or not their access should be blocked.

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Recording date of Soapbox user registration to Salesforce Contact record

Want to be able to identify when each of your newly registered users registered? You can send that info to Salesforce, so that you can manage things like membership duration, and time-related communications through Salesforce.

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Selecting behavior when multiple matching Salesforce Contacts are found

What happens when a new registration matches up with multiple Salesforce Contacts?  You have some configurable options you can choose from, to help you customize Soapbox’s behavior in these cases.

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