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Setting the default email subject, template, and email body for the Donations app


You can set global defaults for the emails sent by the Donations app that define a default email subject line for donation confirmations, determine whether the Standard or Custom template is used, and define a default email body for donation confirmations using either the Standard or Custom template.

To define these defaults:

  • Open the Configuration for the Donations app
  • Click the Messages tab
  • For Email Subject, enter a default email subject to be used whenever a Donations page does not have an email subject defined
  • For Default Email Template, choose either Standard or Custom as the default template to be used for donation confirmation emails. This can be altered on a Donations page by Donations page basis.
  • For either Standard Template Default Email Text or Custom Template Default Email Text, depending on your template choice, use the editor to enter the default text you wish to appear in the body of confirmation emails which have no email body defined. You can include images and other elements that will appear if the donor's email service accepts HTML-formatted emails. You can also include a number of variables (or merge fields) in curly brackets that reference details of their donation such as {name}, {frequency}, {amount} and {description}. For a full list, see Variables available for Email Text message body in Soapbox Donations.
  • Click Save
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