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Enabling inventory tracking for a product and product variants for the Shop shopping cart experience


In the Shop app, you have the ability to set and track inventory for a product and its product variants that are sold through the shopping cart experience. In order to do so, you must first enable inventory tracking for a given product and set a quantity available.

Each time a product or product variant is purchased through the shopping cart, the quantity available is reduced accordingly for that item in Soapbox. The shopping cart will enforce quantity availability so an item does not become oversold.

As you add additional quantity to your inventory, you can adjust the quantity available for that product or product variant in Soapbox.

Enabling Inventory Tracking for a Product and Product Variants

To enable inventory tracking for a product and product variants:

  1. Open the Product Manager
  2. Open the product for which you wish to track inventory
  3. In the Product Information tab, go to Track Inventory and select Yes
  4. For the Quantity Available parameter that appears, enter the number of items you have in stock for this product. If this product has product variants, the value entered will
  5. Click Save

Once you have enabled inventory tracking for a product, if that product has product variants, you will need to update the Quantity Available for each of the variants. To do so in the add/edit Product view:

  1. Click the Variants tab
  2. For each Variant, click the Variant name to open the edit view
  3. For Quantity Available, enter the number of items you have in stock for this product variant
  4. Click Save

You may also choose to update available inventory for products and product variants on the Inventory view in the Shop app.

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