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Creating product variants for a product in the Shop shopping cart experience


Product variants allow you to define up to three variant options for a given parent product that a visitor selects from when purchasing your product using the Shop shopping cart.

As an example, let's say you have a 20th Anniversary T-Shirt that you are selling to celebrate your organization's anniversary. The parent product - 20th Anniversary T-Shirt - has the following variant options:

  1. Colors: Blue, Red, and Green
  2. Gender: Men's and Women's
  3. Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and X Large

For each combination of a variant options, there will be a product variant (e.g. "20th Anniversary T-Shirt - Blue Men's Medium").

By creating products variants, you are able to do the following:

  1. Manage inventory for individual product variants
  2. Set different prices for each product variant
  3. Define unique SKUs for each product variant in the Soapbox administrator
  4. Upload a unique product image for each product variant
  5. Associate each product variant with its own Pricebook Entry in Salesforce
  6. Customize the name of the product variant as it appears in the shopping cart order form, order confirmation page, and order confirmation email

To create product variants:

  • Open the Shop Products Manager
  • If you are a creating a product that will have product variants, click New. If the product already exists, click the Product Name to open the edit view.
  • Enter or update relevant information on the Basics tab. The following values will be duplicated from the parent product Basics tab to the product variants when they are created. You will have the ability to edit each for individual product variants:
    • Name with the combination of variant options appended to the end for each variant
    • Product Code
    • List Price
    • Product Image
    • Pricebook Entry
    • Shippable
    • Quantity Available (if Track Inventory is set to Yes)
  • For Variants, choose Yes
  • Click Apply
  • After the add/edit Product view refreshes, click the new Variant Options tab
  • Click New
  • For Name, enter the name of the variant option as you wish it to appear to the front-end visitor (e.g., Color)
  • For Values, enter the first option for this Variant Option as it will appear in the variant option drop down to the front-end visitor (e.g. Blue)
  • Click Add Additional Value and repeat the process for each Variant Option value
  • Click Save
  • If you wish to add an additional Variant Option, click New and repeat the process. You may add up to three Variant Options
  • When done, click the Variants tab
  • In the table, review the Variants that have been dynamically created from the Variant Options
  • If you have added multiple Variant Options, Variants will have been created each time a Variant Option was created. You can select and delete any Variants in the table that do not have all of the Variant Options defined.

    Using our example above, you would delete Variants such as "20th Anniversary T-Shirt - Blue" that was created when the initial Color Variant Option was added. You would also delete Variants such as "20th Anniversary T-Shirt - Blue Men's" that was created when the Gender Variant Option was added. You would leave complete variants such as "20th Anniversary T-Shirt - Blue Men's Medium" that were created when the Size was added as the third and final Variant Option.
  • To edit the default Values of any Variant, click on the Variant name to open the edit Variant popup. Adjust the values, as desired, and click Save.
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