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Deleting Product Variants for a Product after adding or removing Variant Options


Whenever you add or remove a Variant Option from a Product for which Variants are enabled, you will want to review all Variants and delete any that are no longer relevant.

You will want to do this when you initially create Variant Options, if you add multiple Variant Options for the Product. This is because Variants are dynamically created each time you create a Variant Option. The Variants created when you add the initial Variant Option(s) will not be complete and you'll want to retain only the Variants created when the final Variant Option was added.

You will also want to do this if you remove or edit Variant Options.

To review and delete irrelevant Variants:

  • Open the Shop Products Manager
  • Click the Variants tab
  • In the table, review the Variants that have been dynamically created from the Variant Options
  • Select any Variants that are no longer relevant for this Product and its Variant Options
  • Click Delete to the upper right of the Variants table
  • Click Save in the upper right of the main add/edit Products view

Example of Deleting Variants After Initial Creation of Multiple Variant Options

Let's say you have a 20th Anniversary T-Shirt that you are selling to celebrate your organization's anniversary. The parent product - 20th Anniversary T-Shirt - has the following variant options:

  1. Colors: Blue, Red, and Green
  2. Gender: Men's and Women's
  3. Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and X Large

For each combination of a Variant Options, there will be a product variant that is complete with all options (e.g. "20th Anniversary T-Shirt - Blue Men's Medium"). However, there will also be incomplete Variants that were created when you added the first two Variant Options.

So, you would delete Variants such as "20th Anniversary T-Shirt - Blue" that was created when the initial Color Variant Option was added. You would also delete Variants such as "20th Anniversary T-Shirt - Blue Men's" that was created when the Gender Variant Option was added. You would leave complete variants such as "20th Anniversary T-Shirt - Blue Men's Medium" that were created when the Size was added as the third and final Variant Option.

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